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Featured Artist Melanie Dugan

Featured Artist
Melanie Dugan
(Anacortes, WA)
Melanie Dugan Bio Pic

I have enjoyed art ever since I could hold a pencil. I have loved to draw since I was a little girl. I mostly drew animals then and I mostly draw animals today.

I received my first pet portrait commission at the age of 14 when my junior high home room teacher noticed my talent in art and hired me to do a painting of her two cats. I also won Most Outstanding Artist in my junior high that year. I attended BYU and minored in art which gave me exposure to working in a wide variety of media.

Under His Wings

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say, "A teacher or an artist." I have spent over 30 years as a teacher teaching many different things from Kindergarten to English Language Learners, from Preschool to Spanish Language Literacy--and even Art.
Little Dog

Now I am putting more of a focus on being an artist. I am fortunate to share that career with my talented husband, Greg. Together we share a studio and a vision. I love to draw animals from the whimsical to the realistic. I love to capture their personalities and add my own style to what I see, making it truly my own. I have explored many types of visual arts and have returned to my first love, the pencil, but now it is colored pencil. I do love to create in other media, (Well, maybe not painting. I don’t like to clean brushes) but, I imagine, pencil will always be my favorite.

Wooly Sheep500


"I would like to thank Bayshore for inviting me to be their featured artist. It is an honor. Bayshore has been has been so very helpful for me. The graphics department goes the extra mile to ensure quality work and satisfaction. Michele is so wonderful to work with as are all the people at Bayshore. I highly recommend them."

Red Fox

Melanie's a pleasure to work with, and we love it when she brings her dog in for visits. Her animal themed artwork is so realistic looking, and you can see the animal's personality in each piece.
~Michele and Jim, Bayshore Graphics Dept.

You can find Melanie on Facebook, On Instagram and you can find her art at her website, at local shops, and of course, right here at Bayshore.

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